Online Presence Managed Services

How SMEs can benefit from it.

Effective Internet marketing services that fit the SME budget

Even though Eng8ge’s services are priced for small and medium enterprises (SME), they’re high-quality. We pay close attention to our customers and are exceedingly particular with our delivery standards.

Further, you won’t need to worry about future content and system updates, as we’ll take care of them.

This is why our clients don’t just get a website from us.

Eng8ge’s Online Presence Managed Services

The primary element of our service is web design. There’re also optional digital marketing services that customers can add to web design.

These managed services are based on monthly payment.

Web design

To the 20% of the businesses out there that still don’t have a website to engage your customers and prospects online, you’re missing out on a great deal of revenue opportunities.

The websites that Eng8ge produces will be able to communicate effectively to users using either a PC or a mobile device, like a tablet or smartphone, to access the Internet.

They can also be optimised to enhance the effectiveness of online marketing and sales lead generation.

What we’ll do

  • Gather information about your business, corporate identity, and brand system; and understand your target audience.
  • Plan and design a mobile-responsive website, incorporating basic SEO elements.
  • Connect the website to Google Search Console and Google Analytics for traffic analysis.
Optional Add-ons

Google My Business optimisation

If you own a local business, such as a childcare centre, clinic, and restaurant, and you serve patrons nearby, we’d highly recommend you to acquire this service.

Google My Business is a business listing on Google.

When information on your business is updated properly in Google’s listing, your shop may appear as a prominent Knowledge Graph card on Google’s search engine results page and on Google Map, thereby generating sales leads.

What we’ll do

  • Set up and configure your Google My Business profile.
  • Optimise your profile for Google Search and Google Map.

Social media management

Based on statistics portal, Statista, there’re 3.16 million Facebook users in Singapore. Hence, it’s important for a consumer business to establish a presence on Facebook.

You can start by setting up a Facebook Page. It’s a public profile that a business, brand, or organisation can use to connect with their customers on Facebook.

Besides setting up the Facebook Page, you should also post interesting, relevant articles, photos, and videos on your page regularly to engage visitors.

What we’ll do

  • Set up and configure your Facebook Page.
  • Optimise your page for search.
  • Join Facebook groups that are relevant to your business, and share suitable articles or videos with them.
  • Bonus: Set up a monitor to keep track of your business’ online reputation.

Google AdWords campaign management

Google AdWords is a search advertising platform from Google. When a person uses Google to search for an item, your ad may be shown to her along with search results. You’d be charged a fee by Google if that person clicks on your ad.

Many SMEs utilise such pay-per-click (PPC) advertising because it provides fast results, targets the right audience, and is measurable.

Because your website would be optimised for digital marketing by Eng8ge, you could be paying lower cost per click than your competitors.

What we’ll do

  • Research your market and main competitors’ ads.
  • Create your Google AdWords account.
  • Set up your ad campaigns, bid strategy, budget, etc.
  • Create, roll out, and monitor the ads.

Facebook advertising campaign management

Considering it has such an extensive active user base, Facebook advertising is known to be one of the cheapest way to advertise online.

Like Google AdWords, Facebook advertising produces quick results and accurately reaches out to your intended audience.

Having a Facebook Page is a prerequisite for Facebook advertising – and Eng8ge can set it up for you if you need it.

What we’ll do

  • Create your Facebook ad account.
  • Set up your ad campaign, audience targeting, budget, etc.
  • Create, roll out, and monitor the ads.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

In May 2017, 2 well-known online marketers, Barry Adams and Rand Fishkin claimed “organic traffic beats paid traffic for every single metric”.

A website that’s search engine optimised stands a far greater chance to be displayed prominently in free search engine listings in Google and Bing, for example, that are perceived to be more credible than ads. More favourable placements equates to higher organic traffic.

What we’ll do

  • Assess your key competitors’ website.
  • Study how your potential customers conduct searches online.
  • Formulate and implement SEO strategies for your website.

Other value-added services

These services are offered to complete the online presence managed services:

  • Domain registration
  • Web hosting
  • Email hosting
  • Web content writing
  • Logo design

As experienced marketers, we’ll be able to provide you sound advice on how to name your new domain for recognition and recall.

We work with excellent writers specialising in content creation for the Web, so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of writing.

And if you need a well-design corporate logo that don’t cost a bomb, we can help you out.

Have a chat with our marketing pro

If you'd like to learn more about online marketing and how it may get you more sales, speak with us.

Eng8ge is right for your business

Eng8ge has been producing excellent results for clients in SEO. For SEO to be effective, the structure and design of the website and web content, amongst others, have to be tip-top.

As such, the website that you get from Eng8ge can be a revenue-generating online platform rather than just a show-piece.

Because Eng8ge is able to provide a range of web marketing services suitable for the SME, we’re your one-stop shop for quick results.

Further, Eng8ge is one of the few – if not, the only one – that makes web design and digital marketing services affordable to SMEs by offering monthly payments.

Trusted by SMEs
I am delighted with Eng8ge not just because of the sales opportunities they are bringing us, but also their professionalism, trustworthiness, and on-going support.
Maria Koh

Kepha Design and Contracts

Eng8ge’s payment model makes it really affordable for a small business like ours to have a good-looking, quality website.

I am surprised at the speed Eng8ge took to create our website – other web designers would have taken at least twice as long.

Cheryl Wong

Maxplorer Pte Ltd

I am happy that response and support from Eng8ge are prompt. The people I deal with here are reliable and service-oriented. And the work they produce is high-quality.
James Teo

Singapore Stone Industry (Private) Limited

The website of my clinic is professionally done.

Eng8ge recommended me to provide readers with in-depth information about our services and show them what our current patients think about us.

The advice paid dividends! Not only does our well-designed website further increase the online reputation of my clinic, it is effective in generating sales leads.

I strongly believe businesses will benefit from the services Eng8ge offers.

Dr. David Liew

Chiropractic Health and Wellness Clinic Pte Ltd

How to start

Eng8ge’s Online Presence Managed Services is currently available in Singapore only.

Engage us by phone, email, or through our contact form, and our client services specialist would get in touch with you within 2 working days.

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